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Date:2010-09-08 20:30
Subject:Camping help!!!
Mood: amused

We're having "inside camping" night with the tents set up inside, candles and flashlights only. The only camping song I can think of besides "Kumbaya" is "My father is a bricklayer"!!!

All of you who have gone to feast, you know this is not a child friendly song. As much as I would love to teach it to her since it's not "technically" dirty, just dirty minded... other campfire songs? Child friendly?

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Date:2010-09-07 22:34

I'm really hoping I didn't break my foot. My legs are finally feeling not so sore from running -- finding the right way to stretch, etc, but then I dropped the dog door blocker on my foot. (It's plastic, dammit! It shouldn't hurt that much!) And then I opened the playpen on top of my foot too.

Ow. I just took a walk around the block with the dog -- having peace and quiet for 15 minutes was worth a little discomfort. My foot is swollen on top, wiggling toes is fine, but I have it iced and elevated now.


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Date:2009-08-31 16:08
Subject:In degrees of stupid...
Mood: happy

You know how you sometimes say, "I'm x degrees away from..."

Well, my best friend's sister is clerking for Sotomayor. Squee! I am psyched (for her).
I'm also bummed that my job sucks so much and hers doesn't, but, hey, I'll get to see my kids much more than she will get to see hers. She looking for housing in DC, but I believe she's found a place and is moving in.

Yes, that's me... bragging about something that has absolutely nothing to do with me or any accomplishment I may have done. Just cool.

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Date:2009-08-19 09:03
Subject:Geek highlight of the weekend
Mood: amused

While dropping leaves that had fallen off Sammie's flower out the window, I taught her to say, "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I fly."

And then Mitch told me I wasn't allowed to show her that scene until she's much older.

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Date:2009-08-10 12:31
Subject:Writer's Block: Memo to Myself

If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Don't listen to anyone's negative advice.
If anyone ever says "Don't do it" they're just scared.
(This goes for things that won't ultimately put you in physical pain, but not for things to try.)
Listen to your own enthusiasm and don't let any idiot kill it with words.

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Date:2009-07-03 07:13
Subject:Sammie's new assertion (from the toilet)
Mood: amused

Sammie: Mommy, girls have 'ginas and boys have a penis.

Me: That's right, dear.

Sammie: And we eat penis!


Sammie: We eat penis, like at Deborah's birthday!

Me: No, those were peanuts. Pea-NUT, not penis.

Sammie: I know. *giggle*

I worry for the future.

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Date:2009-06-14 10:25
Subject:My husband beat me.
Mood: tired

Well, technically, I beat him 5-4, but I got hit in the head with the broomball stick, my foot still hurts and I'm very grateful there is no concussion. Also, in highlights of the weekend, me hanging from a rafter as I was in the garage cleaning out extra storage and the ladder decided to fold in half. (No fat jokes, please.)

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Date:2009-06-11 15:59
Subject:A much better day
Mood: amused

Okay, so, child is currently #2ing in the toilet. YAY. This makes for three "in the toilets" and two accidents, however, the first one was outside and happened when I turned on the hose to water the flowers. I think it was one of those automatic responses, and the second was a very light one just a minute ago when she got up out of bed. No puddles to clean up. :) Oh, and also, a bribe of a lollipop didn't hurt the situation.

And nap time? We took a nice, long, uphill walk to see the horses in the ritzier area a few blocks away. Probably about a half mile. That helped tire her out.

Yes, there was the incident where she hit me in the face because she was mad over something, but I can't remember what that was.

Anyway, a much better day overall... and with pigtails!

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Date:2009-06-10 14:54

There has been absolutely NO use of the toilet today. She actually peed one foot away from the toilet, when I had specifically told her to "go sit on the toilet and go pee". She went in, closed the door, and came out 10 minutes later, smiling, saying, "my pants wet."

Took her two hours to fall asleep. She was acting super cranky and not listening, so we ate and agreed she would take a nap. She even told me she was tired. I put on her music and sat with her, but she wanted to play, so I got up and left, telling her to sleep, which works at night. Come back in, she has 5 books, which I take away. Came back 10 minutes later, take away more toys. Come back again, CD is completely over, sat down next to her on the bed to which she says, "You sitting in pee-pee."

Which is when she loses the privilege of wearing underwear and goes back to a pull up.
Ultimate low point: I told her "I don't like you right now." Come back after starting laundry, told her to not talk at all, I would rub her back till she fell asleep, but if she talked, she was in big trouble. She finally, finally fell asleep while I did this and nursed Max.


Biggest creepy psycho child thing she's picked up? "Mommy, I have a knife. If you not listen, I cut you."

She pretends to hold an invisible knife while doing this... oh, and guess what my #1 phobia is?
Damn Freddy Kruger movies.

Today she also laughingly told me "Cry!" when I told her she was making me sad.

I don't know what to do as spanking does not help, and I don't enjoy her saying, "No, no!" when she sees big mean mommy coming.

I love Max so much right now. He doesn't talk yet.

(This is all after we had a great morning time session of breakfast, painting and arts and crafts.)

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Date:2009-05-04 17:54
Subject:Don't know how Stay At Home Moms do it...
Mood: distressed

And that lady with the 18 kids? Glutton. For. Punishment.

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Date:2009-04-19 21:31
Subject:What is the point of maternity leave?
Mood: annoyed

is the point of maternity leave that you can stay home with kids and have family come over and annoy you?

is it that people can come "help", but only in the "I'm coming over and sitting with you" sense, not in the sense that they're really doing any good?

When I have people at my house, I feel like I have to entertain them. And when I DON'T entertain them, then they sit there... doing nothing. I chat with them. We watch the kids play. I watch the baby sleep.

I'm pretty lucky that, except at bedtime and tantrum-time, the kids are pretty good. Max isn't having the feeding issues that Sammie had. But I hit about 5:00 or 6:00 and just want to sleep.

And with my mother here, the idea is she's SUPPOSED to be helping. But her "helping" is second-guessing every mothering idea I have. Like, telling me Sammie needed a bath, when she'd had one this morning. Like telling me the swing was going too fast for Max, then too slow -- Speed it up-- then the swing (which he'd been asleep in for an hour)must have woken him up because of the motion. Oh, and yesterday, she cleaned the entire house, which, yeah, needed some work, but when a guest comes in, cleans your house and guilts you into doing laundry, it's annoying. Especially when my friend (who I wish was my mom) has been telling me to "take it easy" and I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than Max, who weights 7 lbs. And also, she told my brother to "take this swiffer and do the hallway." Um, why is my brother being forced to clean my house?

She just started making comments like, "I can't see how you like all this sunshine. It just shows the dirt on everything." And later, my aunt made the comment, "I love the counter, it hides the dirt on everything!"

*sigh* my mother... hypercritical... joy.

So, why am I on maternity leave again? I don't think it's to rest. Oh, and will someone tell my brother to go home?

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Date:2009-04-15 21:14
Subject:And now I have two!
Mood: cheerful

Okay, so I need to update my icon now, I guess.
Maxwell Griffin Rily was born yesterday at 5:15 pm, when my doctor was somewhere else (apparently at an eye appt) and nowhere near the hospital. He came rather quickly (after waiting 40 weeks and a day) and after three hours of hard labor, is now laying in his basinette next to my bed.

We escaped the hospital after a mere 30 hours. (Went in around 10:00 and left at 4:00ish the next day.)

Max is 7 lbs 4 oz, 20 inches long -- just a bit bigger than his sister was. He's a good eater (whew.) and hopefully will sleep well. We've found the best way to get him to wake up is to lay him in his bed. He likes to be held, so we'll see how this works out... or doesn't.

He's stirring a bit, so I should go.

Just thought I'd update everyone. :)

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Date:2009-04-01 14:21
Subject:3 cm

that's all for now

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Date:2009-02-20 11:47
Mood: okay

I never had had Robitussin before, growing up as a Christian Scientist.
It's the one thing a pg lady can use for a cough.
It is my new best friend... even though I want to wash my tongue after tasting it.

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Date:2009-02-13 17:08
Subject:Sammie Funny
Mood: okay

So, this morning, I went to pick up something only to realize the way I picked it up spilled everything all over the counter. I looked at it, growled, and said, "Are you kidding me?"

Sammie looked up and said, "I not kidding you, Mommy."

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Date:2009-02-11 08:58
Subject:More about this past weekend
Mood: amused

I think the highlight of the weekend (for Mitch if not for me) was when I could not get out of the car where we parked. I tried to squeeze out between the pillar we parked next to in the parking garage... and couldn't. I couldn't suck in my big fat baby belly. So, I went to the other side of the pillar. Because of the OTHER car's mirror being in the way, (it had backed in) couldn't get out that way either. I had to walk around the BACK of the car to the side where there was no other vehicle so I could get out. Can't believe I got stuck by my own car. (And this was not a spot that was a really tight squeeze otherwise.)

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Date:2009-02-09 08:50
Subject:Babies make me sick.
Mood: okay

Okay, not really. But I've pretty much been "a little sick" since November.
I'm pretty sure that it's just easier to be congested while you're pregnant. Your immune system is slightly compromised, etc. So, when M had a cough, then Sammie had a cough, and now I have not a cough, but no voice? I am not surprised.

This last week was so hectic: Tuesday, out for a show; Wed, birthday outing; Thursday, hour and a half drive home through a storm, Sammie was grouchy and Mitch was out. (I was supposed to be out with the girls, but couldn't find a sitter and was sleep-deprived.) Friday, rehearsal dinner and out to a piano bar. (Always fun for the pg woman.) However, I did get up and dance on the stage with "Baby Got Back" and "Sweet Child of Mine". (or some similarly titled song.) Saturday, wedding. Sammie and her friend JJ danced (ran circles around) the dance floor allllll evening. The only thing is... JJ seems to have gone from Sammie-infatuated to being a serial stalker! I mean, if this kid was 18, I'd have the cops on him and start shouting "stay away from my daughter!" Sammie kept making eyes at the bride and groom (who frequently babysit for her) to dance with her. JJ came and took Sammie's hand out of the bride's and said, "Sammie mine!" He also did the same thing to me and several other people.

We stayed up till 11:30, when we walked back to the hotel and all crashed quickly. And then didn't really sleep, but listened to snoring, various coughing (very dry air in the hotel) and one minute of Sammie whining. I got at least 5 or 6 hours, I guess. But having been dropped on my ass while dancing -- (Mitch thought I was dipping HIM and I thought he was dipping ME) -- didn't help. And boy, the fun of having EVERYONE on the dance floor run over to me because the pregnant woman fell on her ass. Luckily, everything was fine, except my back was killing me the next morning. (I equally attribute it to the rock hard mattress without box springs.)

And then (because our friends were in from out of town) we went to Disneyland. This was just one step too much. It was raining when we got there, but after an hour it stopped. This did not change the fact that my pants were slightly too long and acted as a wick, soaking my socks and shoes, which remained wet all day. FUN!
And then when it went from the 60s to the 40s, and I had only been wearing a sweater... I called it. (Especially since all our friends from out of town wanted to go on the good rides... that pregnant women get to sit and watch.)

So, it was a fun weekend. Got to see friends and chat, but I also cannot wait till I can get hammered and go on some roller coasters.
(Sammie went on the Matterhorn and loved it.)

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Date:2009-02-05 13:13
Subject:Random Pregnancy Nonsense
Mood: amused

There was a time when I only went to the bathroom once a day at work. Sometimes not at all. A month or two ago I began counting how many times a day I had to dash down the hall to the ladies'. Now I have not only stopped counting, I know which stall has the most room for turning around in and which toilet clogs most easily.

Sigh... the joys of pregnancy.

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Date:2009-01-30 15:12
Subject:Pregnant woman or land mine?
Mood: bitchy

I am tired and irritable. I am okay with everyone except my husband. I don't know why, and poor guy, but almost everything he says pisses me off. I'm tired. I want to go buy some little Debbies. In fact, I may just go do that. And in my head, I hear his "Why didn't you eat the fruit I put in your lunch?" "Because I want Little Debbies." I know, it's not fair to get angry at the things I imagine he'll say and/or anticipate he might say, especially because if he says them, they're really for my own good.

Also, I know pregnancy is beautiful and all that, but what is up with the feeling that freakin' alien spawn is going to burst out my chest? It's probably just Max's butt or feet or something, but just below my solar plexus, I keep having a moving bump bulge in and out. Please don't pop out of my chest, baby. The usual way is bad enough.

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Date:2009-01-26 08:41
Subject:More Tales from the Crib
Mood: amused

I am now so large that this weekend I almost couldn't get out of a bathroom stall. (Okay, I exaggerate. I could get out, but I opened the door into my protruding belly and had to move back out of the way.) And then this morning, I closed the car door on it. (Luckily, I wasn't slamming it.) And in the ever-related pregnancy brain? I went to get Sammie out of her car seat this morning only to realize neither M nor I had buckled her in and she had sat in her seat the whole time, legs crossed eating her cereal, without anything to keep her there.

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